Wooden Frames

Wooden Frames




Product Details
These wooden frames are handmade and an exciting piece that can be:

A- sold individually (wooden frame)

B- sold with a pack of embellishments so you can design your own frame (please note embellishments will vary in colour and style) and

C- sold and designed by A Mothers Canvas.

A- sold individually $5.00+
B- sold with an embellishment pack $15.00+
C- sold and designed by AMC $20.00+

Prices vary because it depends on the size of the frame. Frames are available in sizes: 4x6; 5x7; 6x8; 8x10; 8x12; 9x12; 10x13 and 11x14 Inches

Please Note- these photos are taken with the frame apart so you can see what you get when you purchase the above packages A, B or C