Stay Home but create moments

Im sorry about the last two weeks, we have been busy organising to stay at home due this Covid 19 virus, no one i know has contracted the virus but we have decided to stay at home and only go out for work and to the shops. Its hard i wont lie, especially when you have a toddler, they dont understand why we are colouring in for the forth time this week. Although i have created some new things to do now.

With Easter around the corner i have decided to plan an Easter Egg hunt. This can be so much fun to prepare but its hard to keep a secret from my son who is 2 years old.

I have also created a little kit for Cooper, which included some paper, paint, stickers and glitter glue. You can find a similar kit for older children on our website. But these are times to laugh, sing, play, read, cook and so much more. These are times to create memories with your family, make a negative situation into a positive. Because life goes so fast and then one day your 2 year old is now a 20 year old. Which im scared of the most.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy these moments.

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