Reflection into Autumn

We are heading towards March and close to Easter. Times are changing but we need to remain grateful for what we have in front of us. As my husband and i get closer to our due date, i have a number of things running through my head. Pram- check, Cot- check etc there are so many things to think about including our 3 year old son, housework, bills, work and i could go on, but i take my hat off to all women. We multitask and do such an amazing job in our lives, whether we have children or not we are always multitasking and its amazing. So please give yourself a minute to think what you have done today....

Its a hard job being a mother though, you can find as many resources but it comes down to what you know is best for your children. I have recently come across a lot of Facebook pages that help your children stay entertained. One of them is called The Imagination Tree. This is a lady from the UK who finds ways for children to learn through creative sources such as going outside and letting your kids get dirty and have fun while soaking up the beautiful colours around you.

My favourite activity is the sensory trays. A walk to the park or around the backyard, you can pick up items that are new or old. But the touch (bark), smell (flowers), sound (birds) or taste (herbs) is what makes the sensory tray stand out.

Autumn Sensory Tray

Find Items such as:

- Different coloured and shaped leaves