Fathers Day Collection

We are in August, and Fathers Day is just around the corner. What is a father? Quote "A father should be his sons first hero and his daughter's first love."

I love being a mother to our 2 year boy and it is hard work but my husband is an amazing father to Cooper and my step daughter and I couldn't grow as parent without him. But how do you celebrate during this uncertain time. Well its still a month away but we have come up with a few ideas:

  • Game Night- get those board games out and maybe let dad win a few times ;)

  • Movie Night- The best fathers day movie for me is "Father of the Bride" but if your dad is into comedy you cant go past "Daddy's Home". Action Movie, again you cant go past "Taken" with Liam Neeson. Drama, we thought hard but "a beautiful life" is a must see. Sci Fi, " I am your father" Star Wars, hands down and lastly Animated, this was another hard one it was a toss up between "Lion King and Finding Nemo". There are so many Fathers Day movies these are just our favourite picks.

  • Camp in the Backyard- I love this idea but in Canberra it can get to -5 so maybe not for us but it is a good idea.

  • Make Dads Favourite Dinner- (as a family) Fathers Day is a time to reflect and thank your dad and he will thank you after his favourite meal such as steak and chips..yum.

  • Lastly A Mothers Canvas has covered your present for dad by creating a beautiful collection that includes cards, gift bags, photo frames and journals. There will be products added every week so keep an eye out. And we can wrap and send it your way for only $5 which includes handling and shipping costs.

So in conclusion there is alot to do this fathers day without leaving your house.

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