10 Day Being a Mum Challenge

I received this challenge from a good friend. And i didn't know where to start because I've got over 4000 photos of Cooper and his only 2yrs old.

But when you find out you have an infertility issue, and it takes a long time to create this lil human being. All you want to do when he/she arrives in this world is take photos.

But what does Being a Mum look like?? Is it the feeding, bathing, cleaning, etc or is the endless love you give your child day in and day out. Personally I think Being a Mum is everything. Your whole world revolves around your child/ren.

Not only do you watch them grow but you start to learn things about yourself. Things you thought you couldn't do before having a child. It's a journey for both of you.

In the next couple of months my husband and I are going to go through IVF. And this is a big challenge towards Being a Mum. It's going to be a hard road and i hope you can tune in each month and hear what I have to say through each stage.

We have had our Doctors/Specialists and Nurse Appointments. Now we just have to wait till Day 1 which starts on your menstrual cycle. Infertility Issues should be more talked about it's not just an emotional rollercoaster but physically as well.