10 Day Being a Mum Challenge

I received this challenge from a good friend. And i didn't know where to start because I've got over 4000 photos of Cooper and his only 2yrs old.

But when you find out you have an infertility issue, and it takes a long time to create this lil human being. All you want to do when he/she arrives in this world is take photos.

But what does Being a Mum look like?? Is it the feeding, bathing, cleaning, etc or is the endless love you give your child day in and day out. Personally I think Being a Mum is everything. Your whole world revolves around your child/ren.

Not only do you watch them grow but you start to learn things about yourself. Things you thought you couldn't do before having a child. It's a journey for both of you.

In the next couple of months my husband and I are going to go through IVF. And this is a big challenge towards Being a Mum. It's going to be a hard road and i hope you can tune in each month and hear what I have to say through each stage.

We have had our Doctors/Specialists and Nurse Appointments. Now we just have to wait till Day 1 which starts on your menstrual cycle. Infertility Issues should be more talked about it's not just an emotional rollercoaster but physically as well.

Please make sure if you need to talk to someone consult a doctor or counsellor because there is support and remember your not alone. Have a great day and till next time stay safe xx

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